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The time is now

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New Age Revolutions and Movements -Stand up & Care
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Do you have hope?
Do you think that something needs to change?
Do you want to steal the American dream?
Do you want to steal the dream of every citizen of the world who believes that there is something better then this out there?
Do you believe that tomorrow can be a brighter day?
Do you want to just start something new, start on the road, start a new culture, start a new fight, start a new American dream, start a new Global Dream?

But the hard part - is always starting.
And that is why this is here - this is our start.
abbie hoffman, acting out, acting up, activism, adventures, alternative lifestyles, american history, american politics, anything and everything, appreciating each moment, art, awareness, balance, beauty, being high, being human, believing, believing in magic, bohemia, buddhism, camus, cat stevens, cause and effect, celebrating, celebrating differences, change, chaos, christians, cities, civil rights, civil war, clowning around, community, complexity, concept of fear, congress, consciousness, creating, culture, current events, determinism, differences, diversity, dreaming, dreams, dynamics, enlightenment, enviromental studies, equal rights, ethics, evolution, existance, existentialism, experimenting, faith, feed your head, feminism, free love, free will, freedom, friends, gay/straight alliance, george w bush, god, grassroots, happiness, helping, heros, hippies, hippy, history, honesty, hope, humanity, ideas, ideologies, illusions, imagination, intuition, iraq, issues, justice, kids, laughing, learning, liberal arts, liberty, living, living in the moment, love, making a difference, marriage for all, martin luther king, media, meditation, meeting new people, movements, natural highs, nature, new age revolutions, new york city, no regrets, nyc, open mindedness, organizing, other cultures, peace, peacenik, peaceniks, people watching, philosophy, photography, politics, possibilities, protest, questions, reading, reflections, religion, revolts, revolutions, rights for all, road trips, self expression, senate, silver linings, singing, smiling, society, song writing, spiritualality, tao, the arts, the unknown, theories, thought, time, travelers, traveling, trustafarians, truth, trying everything once, understanding, uniqueness, washington dc, wilderness, wisdom, world issues, world politics, zen