Society's Antidote: What you should know (my intro)

 Hey You!  As you might already know (if you've been to my profile), I'm Societyantidote. I told you guys I was going to wirte a little more about my ideas pertaining to society so that's what I'm going to do in this journal entry.  What can I say I'm a blogger of my word.  Let me start off with saying that most people think that they are so different from the mainstream because they listen to screeching satanic metal and shop at Hot Topic, but they're not.  I think that mainstream society is not about the way you dress, what you listen to, what hobbies you're into, or even what religion you are part of.  In case you haven't noticed, people wear all different types of clothes, listen to all different types of music, have many different hobbies, and are part of different religion.  Now, there is one thing that most people have in common. The blue print of what is suspected and sought after through out someone's life. Let's face it, Most people feel like or think that they have to complete high school, then after that go off to college and get a good job or get a job right after high school and start working their way up, get married around their 20's or early 30's, have kids soon after their married, work until it's time to retire, retire, and die. I don't care how many tattoos you have, how loud you turn up your Bob Marley, whether you decide to throw an Anti-prom, or how you might be sitting at your computer in your room this very moment cuddling your dungeon and dragon collectable set, with thick Earkle glasses and the oddest explosion of Slipknot and Disney Princesses posters on your wall, trying to convince yourself you are completely different.  If you buy into society's little “life plan” then you are part of the main stream. I'm not saying that only jobless, spouseless, and childless people are individuals outside the mainstream. I consider anybody who decides to take control of where they truly want to go in life, with out having their decisions dictated by society is a true individual, and has the right to call themselves a rebel (if they want to). 
           I'm not trying to say I'm such a rebel and I'm "so not mainstream" or whatever.   I'm not trying to label myself and make myself look cool.  I just think the way I think because it's who I am, and I'm also just trying to enlighten people with new views and ideas.   I will continue with saying one thing though.   Even though people try to be so different with how they carry themselves about as a person, we all have something in common.  We are all at least the same in that we share the same desire to be truly happy. The only reason why I even rant about how being different from society is important is because a lot of times society stops people from being happy. Most people do what they think is expected from them in society because society convinces them that they will be happy this way. The problem is that a person can only be truly happy is if they look within themselves for their true desires. Look with in themselves for the answer because each individual has a different idea of how to be happy. Each person has their own ideals for happiness. Society mostly teaches that a good education and a good income is the recipe for happiness. I say if you want to be a hobo and enjoy lack in hygiene, eating from the dumpster, and waking up each day, not knowing what's going to happen, you go for that dream. If you're a hobo because you did drugs, dropped out of high school, and made horrible choices that you regret, then you're pathetic.  If what makes you happy is getting married in your 20's or 30's and becoming a stay at home mom, or going to college and pursuing in an economically fruitful career, then go for it .  As long as you feel that would make you happy.  Not thinking it would make you happy because that's what seems to make the rest of society.  For example, most people think they have to get married around their twenties so they decide to marry whoever they are in a serious relationship with at the time.  So they get married, have kids, and get a divorce ten years later because they realize that they weren't right for each other.  If they didn't feel like they had to get married around the age of 25 they probably would have realized that they weren't right for each other.  Anyways, sorry for the lengthy intro, but in order to truly understand me and truly understand my blog, then you needed to know that little philosophical theory of mine. Well, I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and I hope to give you a couple knew ways to look at life.  I also hope to hear from you guys reading my blogs.  I enjoy hearing knew opinions and broadening my own thoughts.   
Your antidote to society,
P.S.      If any of your comments happen to be critical, don’t be ignorant jackasses.  Please use constructive criticism. Like I said before, I enjoy hearing other people’s opinions and I’m a very open person so there would be no need for you to go on a cursing rant. If you do go on a cursing rant,  I’ll think you’re a dumb twat who doesn’t know how to use words other than fuck. Then I won’t really give a damn what you have to say, and all that brain exercise, that I would assume you rarely do, would have gone to waste.   So, if you do layout your opinions to me constructively, then I will appreciate your advanced intellectual minds.  And a little hint to you guys, girls usually like guys who can speak their thoughts in a clear intelligent ways.  So if you like, you can practice that on my page.
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The three spheres of the 1st half of the 21st Century

I've been deeply thinking the past six months about what is going to shape our world in society, culture, and trends over the course of the 1st half of the 21st century.
The next 40 years are the time when the Millennial generation, my peers, will come of age and shape the world to their version of human interest and needs.

As best I can figure, the three spheres of change which will shape our destiny as a generation are as follows:

* Digital technology
* Ecological crisis
* Global shifts of power and economy

All three of these are innumerable in impact in so much as that they will effect every human globally.
This is the first time in human history that we will start to see that we really are all connected, that we are one people, that humanity is one species.

Through digital technology we will be able to be connected to any and every other single person on this planet without bonds. Through satellite and wireless waves we can connect to someone in Tokyo, Belfast, Sydney, Venezuela, & Toronto consecutively. This is a magnificent tool of power and change. Through this we have the capability to eradicate hunger, poverty and many misfortunate diseases and catastrophes.

The global environmental crisis which will bring about various amounts of flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes, disease and famine will put us on a greater understanding of that which effects you in Japan will also effect me in Africa. What is dumped in the rivers in Canada will effect the mountains of Mexico. What is polluted in the skies of France will cause asthma in the people of Germany. Boarders will become inconsequential in how the environment will start to reshape itself. The need for GREEN thinking and ecological solutions will be a forefront of industry and technology.

The shifting of world economic powers will transform how the East and West, which have been separated for thousands of years, will start to merge in philosophy and principles of economy. We can already see this shift very much starting to formulate with American debt and Chinese economic surges. 2008 will be a very important year for both countries with the Presidential election and the Olympics each shaping the other's future. The polarization of East and West will start to turn inward to greater reflection of combining 5000 years of eastern practices and knowledge with 500 years of Western science.
Unfortunately, this is the area I have the least grasp on how it will change, alter, and develop the 1st half of the next century.

(this paragraph added 4/4/08}
The movement of Spiritualism and the defiance of ancient religious dogma's will create a more united sense of humanity. In conjunction with the previous aforementioned spheres of global technology and global environment, global spirituality will revolutionize how humanity views itself. Children of the Millennial generation will come into an understanding where eastern and western philosophies merge into a greater sphere of understanding. Ancient rituals from pagan tribes will be remembered and reformed. People will learn that throughout the history of humanity, each culture has carried with it only one piece of the greater truth. When the global sense of spirituality comes together - spurred through both awareness & destruction, the cultural perspectives will transform into a greater global vision of the significance that every individual carries within them magnificence of the eternal and enlightened human spirit.

It is my fear and strong inclination to believe that hardened dogmatic principals and strained views of consumerist capitalism will be difficult to breech. Those who have been in power for centuries will not relinquish their rule without yelps and cries - kicking and screaming the entire way.

I would like to read some comments on this thought pattern of which I am engaged -
What do you think will shape the Millennial generation's time and dedication?
Do you think these spheres are concrete in their assessment of the future, and what perspective am I lacking?
What do you see and how do you see it happening?

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July 2nd - a New Independence Day Adopted

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Citizens Young & Old!
For a new day of declaration has been adopted by true blue, white, and red-blooded Americans.
July 2nd is the day of Independence!

Historical Fact:
Did you know, that the Continental Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence on July 2nd, 1776?
The night of July 2nd the Pennsylvania Evening Post published this statement:
"This day the Continental Congress declared the United Colonies Free and Independent States."

It was July 2, 1776 that John Adams thought would be celebrated by future generations of Americans writing to his wife Abigail Adams on July 3, 1776:
"The Second Day of July 1776 will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America. . . . It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires, and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more."

The Continental Congress received copies from the printers on July 4th and thus it is now celebrated as Independence Day.

But I declare, dear citizens, that July 2nd is truly our day of triumphant freedom & liberty casting off the shackles of oppression and domination!

We are now engaged in a moment of time surround by corruption, consumption, and capitalistic gain that have destroyed our sense of Democracy.

Even just yesterday, our so-called freely elected President flaunted his inconceivable amount of domination and power by partially pardoning a senior member of his staff, who was justifiably taken through the established courts of law and convicted of obstructing justice. It is a foulness that goes deep into the heart of our government. This poison that seeps into the life-blood of liberty must be purged! It is now inherent in our system that capitalistic companies run our country for their gain and not for the liberties of human kind. Our country is broken and the fault lies within us all. But despair is not prudent, and we who are so-called Americans must look inside ourselves and hold true to the ideals upon which this country was founded. I say throw off these corrupted-capitalist bonds that strangle our Democracy and plague the world over in unjust wars and tyrannical ways.

As a means of celebration and of unifying those of us who are Americans by our instinctive gifts of self-proclaimed liberty, let us discard these masqueraded Hallmark holidays that no longer hold meaning but just economic purpose of mass consumption and complacency. Let us leave behind the façade of July 4th Independence and declare ourselves individually and as American citizens free and independent of companies who maintain our corrupted government and destroy our damaged ideals of human rights and liberty.

With freedom for one, for all, the world over –
We declare ourselves free on this July 2nd, 2007 and we will rise and revolt against this massively corrupt-capitalist-country which holds our rights prisoner to their dollar.

Who is with me?
July 2nd – the New Day of Declaration of Independence!

Viva Thomas Jefferson!
Viva patriots!

In liberty and light,

-The Avant-Garde Patriot
Jen G. Bowen

Uganda Calling

Answer the call.

Sorry if this is not allowed in the community, I can remove it if asked - but I thought some of you might be interested in this new community.

I'm a board member of ugandacalling, and we exist to raise awareness of and work for the end of the civil war in Northern Uganda, which has victimized many innocent civilians, particularly children, and left many homeless and desperately poor. We're trying to provide resources for local groups working on this issue - collecting petitions for groups to circulate, providing ideas for fundraisers for worthy projects, posting news articles and bulletins about Uganda, and letting activists and interested people get together to learn more and network with each other. And we still need lots of people to help us carry on all these functions and get us off the ground as a nonprofit - as well as community leaders who'd like to start something for Uganda!

If you're interested in learning more or helping out, please check out the community - everyone's very nice and positive, we'd love to see you!
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A Call to Environmental Arms . . .

Dear Hippies, Hipsters, Counter-Culture Friends and Freaks, and Earth-Friendly people of the World,

I recently saw the film "An Inconvenient Truth" - I heard it was must see.

What I saw - and what I didn't see - was brought to such a state of clarity that I was frozen in a state of numbness after the film ended.  Mr. Gore not only brought to the world's attention an understanding of how badly we have altered our natural state of this planet at a rapid pace, but how we are continuing down a self-destructive path towards our own doom and damnation.  Not to be so bleak - but the facts are chilling.  There were several points of the film where I felt sick to my stomach and had tears swell in my eyes.  Thankfully the former Vice President was able to deliver a few quick chuckles throughout the film in order to lighten the air. 

To think. . . he could have been, some even say should have been, our President. 

No - it is best not to think like that - for the way things are now are just too different by comparison.

What I didn't see in this film was a government taking the immediate and necessary actions to halt and alter humanities destructive pattern.  We can not think in boarders and boundaries, for the Earth only has two land and water.  The nation of France can not be saved from Global Warming and Greenhouse Gases while Spain sinks under the melted polar ice caps.  We are one race Human and we must put aside melatonin differences and take on our individual responsibilities towards ourselves, our brethren, our children, and our environment.  If humanity maintains this deadly pattern of living the world over will suffer. 

We can not trust our governments to save us before it is too late.  We can not count on our so-called global leaders to take the burdens of the world upon themselves.  Especially in the United States once the land of the free and home of the brave whos government is now in bed with consumer-driven capitalist big business.  This current state of government has refused itself from doing anything of significant consequence to assist in reversing the issues of the environment.  However to play fair there are individuals in the government who are striving for change and progress of humanity but overall the system is corrupt and bleak.   I once worked in Congress and saw first hand how fraudulent the system is; that in order to maintain reelection one has to serve the issues of the companies before it serves the issues of the citizens.

The greatest tool at hand to create a global effort of change is here in front of us.  The Internet.  The power of the World Wide Web is almost infinite as it has the possibility to create a mass of human conscious which anyone with computer access has the ability to upload to and download from.  With the advent of digital information systems such as Google and Wikipedia we see that there is nearly nothing beyond our intelligent reach.  Knowledge is power, and we have the ability to evolve ourselves thru education. 

My friends I beseech you to not turn one more blind eye towards our earthly dilemma.  We have no more time to squander.  If your wallet does not suffer from driving a Humvee surely your soul will suffer from the devastating affects it inflicts upon the planet.

First go see An Inconvenient Truth if you have not already done so

Secondly we should not have to wait until laws in place to know how to do the right thing.  There are several ways to reduce your own personal causes of greenhouse gases.  A list is attached below.

Third bring information to others.  Once you have opened your eyes spread the word to another.


The Avant-Garde Patriot

Jen G. Bowen

(below list taken from
Around the House
Reduce the amount of red meat in your diet. Methane is the number 1 producer of greenhouse gasses, and reducing mean in your diet is a healty way to help.
Don't use a leaf blower. Instead, get a broom and a shovel. Do it by hand. It will make your place look cleaner and you get a little bit of exercise. Your neighbors will thank you for the noise reduction, too!
Consider using a reel mower instead of a gas- or electic-powered lawn mower. Again, more exercise, less noise, and more importantly, less CO2 emission.
Buy local produce when you go to the grocery store rather than items trucked in from far away.
Plant a tree. Well-placed landscaping cuts energy costs in summer and winter. Also, one tree will absorb one ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime.
Repaint your house with latex paint instead of oil. The paint releases significantly fewer harmful fumes while drying and smells a lot better.
Make sure the dishwasher and washing machine are full before running them to save energy and money.
Buy energy efficient appliances with the "Energy Star" label.
Call your local utility and sign up for renewable energy. If they dont offer it, ask them why not.
Get a home energy audit. Many utilities offer free audits, which may reveal simple ways to cut emissions.
Weatherize your home, caulk, and weather-strip your doorways and windows. Not only will this save energy, but it will save you money!
Move your thermostat down two degrees in winter and up two degrees in the summer.
Unplug your cell phone charger and other electronics from the wall when you are not using them. Did you know that even when turned "off" your hairdryers, cell phone chargers, and cameras use energy?
Make sure to turn off lights and other energy-sucking devices when they arent being used.
Replace your normal light bulbs with fluorescent ones. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are more expensive, but replacing just one light bulb will save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide. They produce the same amount of light, last 10 times as long, and use a 1/4 of the electricity reducing your energy consumption AND your electric bill!
Take shorter showers.
If you're leaving your computer for a while, put it on stand-by. You'll be able to restart it quickly, and it'll take less energy than shutting it down and then restarting it.
Before turning the heating on, put on thick socks and a sweater.
As always, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Plastics, cardboard, pop cans, and paper are all recyclable. By recycling half of your household waste, you can save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Buy a bike. With gas prices so high, it will pay for itself. Ride it to work, or take a joy ride. Everyone benefits when you ride a bike. You help conserve our limited oil resources, you are not polluting, and you are exercising.
Walk around the corner rather than drive. It may be convenient to drive, but let's face it, it probably takes longer than walking would, and emits pollutants to boot.
For longer trips, take public transportation or carpool. These options may take a little longer, but you can read, listen to headphones, work on computer or craft projects, or talk to people instead of having to stare straight ahead for the length of your commute. There are many carpool and rideshare websites on the internet for both regular and one-time trips. Try for your one-time trips. Your city government might also facilitate carpool trips.
Consolidate your trips. If you must drive to do laundry, shopping, etc., plan to do all weekly errands on one day. You can get everything you need in one trip, saving you money and time. Also, it's more fuel efficient to start a car if it's already warmed up.
Use less gas. The gas you pump into your car or SUV is derived from fossil fuels which, when processed, release a good share of greenhouse gases into the air. Consider purchasing a hybrid car.

At the Cash Register
Buy only post-consumer recycled paper products, including toilet paper and tissues. The paper industry is the third greatest contributor to global warming emissions.
Dont buy from companies that refuse to make post-consumer paper! Producing new paper, glass, and metal products from recycled materials saves 70o 90f the energy and pollution that results from products made from virgin materials.
Buy certified wood to support sustainably managed forests.
Tell the companies you invest in that you care about global warming and you will pull your investments if they dont address the issue. Dont like a companys stance on global warming? Go to shareholder meetings and speak up!

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I have a dream . . .

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
A knight in the fight for justice, freedom, & liberty for all.

Read Dr. King's 'I have a Dream' speech

  • A right delayed is a right denied.
  • Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.
  • Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.
  • He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.
  • Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.
  • I submit to you that if a man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live.
  • Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.
  • Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.
  • The time is always right to do what is right.
  • Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'

    What is YOUR Dream?

    Click here to post this on your own page or weblog


- I Have My Dream -
A dream for all Americans, a dream for all People -

A dream of an America, of a world without anger towards each other for being unable to change who we are;
The way God made us - born man, woman, black, white, latino, asian, middle-eastern, homosexual, transexual, heterosexual -
I have a dream of a race of humanity living in peace and understanding towards each other;
Recognizing that all people deserve freedom, liberty, justice, and the right to live their lives in peace and happiness without
fear of retaliation from their fellowman.
I have a dream where a family constitutes a group of people who love and care for each other -
It does not matter of their race, of their sex, or of their sexuality -
But the love that shines from within towards each other and towards all.
That is what makes a family.
That is what makes a better people.
We have duty, as humans, to recognize our faults & fears -
And then to overcome those fears with brave patience,
To overcome our faults by fighting to make ourselves as individuals and as a whole a greater people,
And never passing judgment on those who fall along the way -
But instead giving them an open hand filled with love to help them rise.

That is my dream.

What is yours?
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So much exciting news

We've had a lot of amazing things happen for us at Heroine Films this month. A lot of it do to support from this community and others. We've gathered support from a lot of different places but honestly, Livejournal has shown us the most amazing people.

So as for what's up: We have finally posted the interview that we did on the NC television show Second Cinema.  You can watch it in at

There is an article coming out about us in this months upcoming issue of CURVE Magazine. I believe it comes out on the 15th if you'd like to check it out. Also, MTV's new LGBTQ channel LOGO has put together a package for us for advertising purposes (we'll be showing our trailer to the over 13 million homes LOGO already goes to) and they are interested in buying the finished film. As I said in the last update, we also got a large portion of our funding from the production company AMVF. 

Thank you so much to all of those who have supported us. It is all your continued letters, emails, comments, and donations that has made this possible. There is no way we can express how much it means to us.

                                                    xoxox, the gals at heroine films


No Bosses, No Borders..............................Recap and Photos of Actions Against the Minutemen

Recap and Photos of ...

Excerpt from AWK at Indybay,,....,: "On the morning of Saturday, October 29, the armed, racist, anti-immigrant vigilantes of the Minuteman Project held a rally on the steps of the state capitol in Sacramento. They were there to cap off their month-long failure of a patrol along the border and to gather signatures for the California Border Police initiative. The initiative would create 2,000-3,000 paid positions for Minutemen in kop's clothing to harass immigrant workers statewide.

"With too many vigilantes already sitting inside the capitol, the idea of even more gathering there didn't sit well with lots of people. From 10am onward, more than 600 folks gathered to protest, speak out against, disrupt and in general confront the Minutemen, the initiative, and politicians backing both of them. The actions also took a firm stand against borders and capitalism.  See more photos and read more here or here or here."

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Quick thought

Do you think there will ever come a point when the American people get so fed up with an administration's blunders that the masses overthrow it?
Not to overthrow the government into chaos - but stand up and say,
"That is it. We have had enough. We need, we deserve something better."

Obviously many problems would arise if this action were ever taken - but it may prevent other problems from ever happening as well.

I am not necessarily advocating this action - I am just asking if we think this would ever be possible.


Question:  Do you think a sealed indictment and gag orders are a contradiction of freedom of speech rights?


Cloak News Toronto POSTED OCT.28/05 12:30pm cdt- Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald under National Security guidelines sealed three Grand Jury Indictments today. Cloak News... has learned that VICE-PRESIDENT CHENEY and White House NSC Advisor STEVE HADLEY have been indicted of high crimes against the U.S . Constitution. If convicted both men could be subject to capital punishment!  If convicted both men could be subject to capital punishment.......

Friday, October 28th, 2005 [4 hours ago]
Suspense Mounts as Indictments for CIA Leak Case Expected Today, Spotlight on VP Chief of Staff Libby Leads to Questions About Cheney’s Role

More from Amy Goodman of Democracy Now found here.........

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