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grassroots approach - heroine films

The girls at heroine films have just launched our new website in an attempt to take a grassroots approach to funding our latest feature film, The Gladdest Thing. 
A little about the project (from heroinefilms.net and various website features):
heroine films - grassroots approach
In the vain of Ms. DiFranco, Melissa Ferrick, the Indigo Girls, Christine Vachon, Guinevere Turner, etc.  The women at heroine films are taking an unconventional approach to getting their lil' indie lesbian film, The Gladdest Thing made (despite what the conservative businessmen in their ivory towers in NC have to say about it!)
About a year ago, the money fell through.
So,  we did what any group of young filmmakers trying to make their dream project would do...We drowned our sorrows in amaretto sours and sheer panic. Then we tried again, and again and again. And to our dismay no investors with pockets full of cash came running to our aid.  It seems down here in North Carolina they don't much like lesbians or the films they want to make (the NYIIF doesn't seem to have a problem with us!).  We were armed with a fabulous (award-winning) script, an award winning team, fresh young talent, everything but the finances.
That’s when we decided to become our own heroines.
Basically, we believe in our art and are willing to do any and everything in order to be able to create it. So, while we continue to pitch to investors, we are making t-shirts and websites, flyers and anything else we can think of to make our films, this one (the Gladdest Thing) and the many more to come.
We've got $500,000 to raise and we're doing it one dollar at a time.  Here's our plan --- we get as many people (via phone, e-mail, walking the streets, concerts, GLBTQ events, film festivals, you name it...) to check our website and donate a dollar a piece and we'll be able to get our  film in the can and get throught the first few months with our production company. 

Thanks for the support all!

xox the girls at heroine films
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