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Society's Antidote: What you should know (my intro)

 Hey You!  As you might already know (if you've been to my profile), I'm Societyantidote. I told you guys I was going to wirte a little more about my ideas pertaining to society so that's what I'm going to do in this journal entry.  What can I say I'm a blogger of my word.  Let me start off with saying that most people think that they are so different from the mainstream because they listen to screeching satanic metal and shop at Hot Topic, but they're not.  I think that mainstream society is not about the way you dress, what you listen to, what hobbies you're into, or even what religion you are part of.  In case you haven't noticed, people wear all different types of clothes, listen to all different types of music, have many different hobbies, and are part of different religion.  Now, there is one thing that most people have in common. The blue print of what is suspected and sought after through out someone's life. Let's face it, Most people feel like or think that they have to complete high school, then after that go off to college and get a good job or get a job right after high school and start working their way up, get married around their 20's or early 30's, have kids soon after their married, work until it's time to retire, retire, and die. I don't care how many tattoos you have, how loud you turn up your Bob Marley, whether you decide to throw an Anti-prom, or how you might be sitting at your computer in your room this very moment cuddling your dungeon and dragon collectable set, with thick Earkle glasses and the oddest explosion of Slipknot and Disney Princesses posters on your wall, trying to convince yourself you are completely different.  If you buy into society's little “life plan” then you are part of the main stream. I'm not saying that only jobless, spouseless, and childless people are individuals outside the mainstream. I consider anybody who decides to take control of where they truly want to go in life, with out having their decisions dictated by society is a true individual, and has the right to call themselves a rebel (if they want to). 
           I'm not trying to say I'm such a rebel and I'm "so not mainstream" or whatever.   I'm not trying to label myself and make myself look cool.  I just think the way I think because it's who I am, and I'm also just trying to enlighten people with new views and ideas.   I will continue with saying one thing though.   Even though people try to be so different with how they carry themselves about as a person, we all have something in common.  We are all at least the same in that we share the same desire to be truly happy. The only reason why I even rant about how being different from society is important is because a lot of times society stops people from being happy. Most people do what they think is expected from them in society because society convinces them that they will be happy this way. The problem is that a person can only be truly happy is if they look within themselves for their true desires. Look with in themselves for the answer because each individual has a different idea of how to be happy. Each person has their own ideals for happiness. Society mostly teaches that a good education and a good income is the recipe for happiness. I say if you want to be a hobo and enjoy lack in hygiene, eating from the dumpster, and waking up each day, not knowing what's going to happen, you go for that dream. If you're a hobo because you did drugs, dropped out of high school, and made horrible choices that you regret, then you're pathetic.  If what makes you happy is getting married in your 20's or 30's and becoming a stay at home mom, or going to college and pursuing in an economically fruitful career, then go for it .  As long as you feel that would make you happy.  Not thinking it would make you happy because that's what seems to make the rest of society.  For example, most people think they have to get married around their twenties so they decide to marry whoever they are in a serious relationship with at the time.  So they get married, have kids, and get a divorce ten years later because they realize that they weren't right for each other.  If they didn't feel like they had to get married around the age of 25 they probably would have realized that they weren't right for each other.  Anyways, sorry for the lengthy intro, but in order to truly understand me and truly understand my blog, then you needed to know that little philosophical theory of mine. Well, I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and I hope to give you a couple knew ways to look at life.  I also hope to hear from you guys reading my blogs.  I enjoy hearing knew opinions and broadening my own thoughts.   
Your antidote to society,
P.S.      If any of your comments happen to be critical, don’t be ignorant jackasses.  Please use constructive criticism. Like I said before, I enjoy hearing other people’s opinions and I’m a very open person so there would be no need for you to go on a cursing rant. If you do go on a cursing rant,  I’ll think you’re a dumb twat who doesn’t know how to use words other than fuck. Then I won’t really give a damn what you have to say, and all that brain exercise, that I would assume you rarely do, would have gone to waste.   So, if you do layout your opinions to me constructively, then I will appreciate your advanced intellectual minds.  And a little hint to you guys, girls usually like guys who can speak their thoughts in a clear intelligent ways.  So if you like, you can practice that on my page.
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