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The three spheres of the 1st half of the 21st Century

I've been deeply thinking the past six months about what is going to shape our world in society, culture, and trends over the course of the 1st half of the 21st century.
The next 40 years are the time when the Millennial generation, my peers, will come of age and shape the world to their version of human interest and needs.

As best I can figure, the three spheres of change which will shape our destiny as a generation are as follows:

* Digital technology
* Ecological crisis
* Global shifts of power and economy

All three of these are innumerable in impact in so much as that they will effect every human globally.
This is the first time in human history that we will start to see that we really are all connected, that we are one people, that humanity is one species.

Through digital technology we will be able to be connected to any and every other single person on this planet without bonds. Through satellite and wireless waves we can connect to someone in Tokyo, Belfast, Sydney, Venezuela, & Toronto consecutively. This is a magnificent tool of power and change. Through this we have the capability to eradicate hunger, poverty and many misfortunate diseases and catastrophes.

The global environmental crisis which will bring about various amounts of flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes, disease and famine will put us on a greater understanding of that which effects you in Japan will also effect me in Africa. What is dumped in the rivers in Canada will effect the mountains of Mexico. What is polluted in the skies of France will cause asthma in the people of Germany. Boarders will become inconsequential in how the environment will start to reshape itself. The need for GREEN thinking and ecological solutions will be a forefront of industry and technology.

The shifting of world economic powers will transform how the East and West, which have been separated for thousands of years, will start to merge in philosophy and principles of economy. We can already see this shift very much starting to formulate with American debt and Chinese economic surges. 2008 will be a very important year for both countries with the Presidential election and the Olympics each shaping the other's future. The polarization of East and West will start to turn inward to greater reflection of combining 5000 years of eastern practices and knowledge with 500 years of Western science.
Unfortunately, this is the area I have the least grasp on how it will change, alter, and develop the 1st half of the next century.

(this paragraph added 4/4/08}
The movement of Spiritualism and the defiance of ancient religious dogma's will create a more united sense of humanity. In conjunction with the previous aforementioned spheres of global technology and global environment, global spirituality will revolutionize how humanity views itself. Children of the Millennial generation will come into an understanding where eastern and western philosophies merge into a greater sphere of understanding. Ancient rituals from pagan tribes will be remembered and reformed. People will learn that throughout the history of humanity, each culture has carried with it only one piece of the greater truth. When the global sense of spirituality comes together - spurred through both awareness & destruction, the cultural perspectives will transform into a greater global vision of the significance that every individual carries within them magnificence of the eternal and enlightened human spirit.

It is my fear and strong inclination to believe that hardened dogmatic principals and strained views of consumerist capitalism will be difficult to breech. Those who have been in power for centuries will not relinquish their rule without yelps and cries - kicking and screaming the entire way.

I would like to read some comments on this thought pattern of which I am engaged -
What do you think will shape the Millennial generation's time and dedication?
Do you think these spheres are concrete in their assessment of the future, and what perspective am I lacking?
What do you see and how do you see it happening?

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